What to Expect

What to Expect…Inpatient

What’s the unit like?

Inpatient treatment provides a secure environment. This simply means that the exterior doors are locked, outside items like pocket knives, etc., are not allowed, and there is a daily schedule followed. While the surroundings are designed to provide a homelike atmosphere as possible, it is not the same as home. Patient rooms may be private or semi-private. Each room has separate toilet facilities. TVs and telephones are in common areas.

What happens after I get on the unit?

Our assessment process begins upon admission. You will be assessed by our nursing staff, medical staff, psychiatric staff, and social services staff all within the first 72 hours of your stay. You will receive individual and group counseling/therapy. You will see your doctor up to every day. You will have a case manager that works with you on developing follow-up care plans.

How long will I be there?

Everyone’s needs vary. Our inpatient program is designed to stabilize any crisis that led to admission and improve overall functioning as quickly as possible. We are not a “long-term” facility and, generally, our patients stay about two weeks – some more, some less.

What happens when I am discharged?

Discharge planning is an active process that begins at the moment of admission. Every patient receives a specific discharge plan designed to maintain stability and reduce the possibility of readmission.

What to Expect…Outpatient

What is Intensive Outpatient treatment?

Intensive Outpatient treatment (IOP) is a structured treatment program that is designed to provide intensive treatment to individuals who are experiencing difficulties with functioning in their daily lives. IOP involves group psychotherapy and treatment is delivered under the direction of a psychiatrist.

How many days a week is the program?

Our clinics operate Monday-Friday and our clients may attend from 1-5 days a week depending on their needs. The MD/NP together with the client determine the frequency of days.

Can I contact the clinic directly or do I have to be referred by my doctor?

We receive direct referrals.

What happens when I contact the clinic?

Individuals begin their treatment by meeting with an intake specialist to better understand what issues are occurring. If it’s determined that IOP would be beneficial in addressing/resolving the issues, then an appointment with a clinic psychiatrist is arranged.

How much does the program cost?

Our program is covered by Medicare, commercial insurance, and some Medicaid plans. Costs vary depending on specific health insurance policies. We offer insurance verifications as part of our intake process so specific costs can be determined.

How many groups a day are offered?

We provide three groups per treatment day.

How many people are in a group?

We limit group size to 10 participants.

How often do I meet with the doctor?

Our clients see their doctor at least once a month.

What if I need medications?

Medications may be ordered by our clinic doctor.

How long is the program?

There is no preset length of the program. Progress is monitored and re-evaluated by the doctor and treatment team at least monthly.

Does the program offer transportation?

We provide transportation to/from the clinic within a specified area.

What time of day does the program start?

Most of our clinics start the treatment day around 10 a.m.

“When I came here, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers. But they helped me get much calmer and the nerves are so much better than before. I was also depressed and that’s gotten better too. I want to thank all the staff for all they’ve done for me. Beacon’s done an extremely good job for me and I’ll recommend them whenever I get the chance.” –J.M., Jackson

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